Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Croatia - Lokrum (Dubrovnik)


This official nudist beach is located on the island of Lokrum located less than 1km from the old town of Dubrovnik in the far south of Croatia. 

Getting there

From Dubrovnik old port there is a boat that takes only 10 minutes to reach the island. Timetables and tickets can be obtained at the old port from a desk clearly signposted "Lokrum". Don't make the mistake of buying a ticket for a boat excursion as these are much more costly (unless you are looking for an excursion of course!). 

Once at the harbour on Lokrum, it is a further 10-15 minute walk to the nudist area (keep to the left hand path), clearly marked by the "FKK" signposts. There is a public toilet 5 minutes from the harbour (there are no such facilities in the naturist area).

There is a small refreshment kiosk (serving cold drinks and sometimes sandwiches) and limited seating at the entrance to the naturist beach 

Nudist beach is somewhat of a misnomer, the sunbathing areas consist of large rock platforms, some more even than others. The area nearest to the refreshment kiosk is mainly used by (straight) couples but this is not exclusively so. 

It is a bit of a scramble across the rocks to more secluded sunbathing areas - be careful, it is easy to lose your footing here and having a broken ankle is not the best way to enjoy the rest of your holiday. The area furthest away is popular with gay travellers.

The beach is popular with locals but also frequented by plenty of other nationalities, not surprising given Dubrovnik (and Croatia's) tourist appeal. A peacock or two is not an uncommon sight either!

A small number of ladders have been installed to help enter the water which is exceptionally clean (and sometimes quite cold).

Boats sometimes pass pass the beach (often full of Japanese tourists) who take delight in taking pictures and giggling like schoolchildren. Even more amusing for the sunbathers I often think.


Lokrum (Dubrovnik tourist website)

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  1. The beach is a gay beach further along and has been for decades 40 to 50 years now. Even in the 80's the boats came past and they giggled then. It is beautiful and I remember it so well before the AIDS epidemic